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What is Orgonite?


What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is a technology that has been around since the name was coined by Karl Welz. Inventions and improvements have taken place since 2000, when Don and Carol Croft began experimenting with this matrix of crystals, metals and resin. The Croft formula and Welz forumula differ in ingredient forms, although they are based on the same theory. Our formula is unique to us. The invention of Orgonite is based on Wilhem Reich’s Orgone research from the 1930s. He made what was called orgone accumulators. You would actually sit in them. However, Orgone energy has been around much longer, known worldwide as chi, prana, life force energy, mana, vril, etc. 


Orgone is what we call the life energy, the basis of all life processes. 
Orgonite is a simple product, the basic matrix includes just the three ingredients (resin, crystal, metal). Orgonite can be considered a DOR converter or man made EMF converter, as it takes in the deadly energy, converts the energy, then emits this energy as positive orgone.


Many studies have been conducted and reports indicate that a yield of 3X as much (or more) can be experienced when orgonite is used in gardening. Plants appear to thrive when orgonite is in close proximity. our house plants are going wild...  there is a link below. these people deserve a ton of credit for their work.

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 There are so many studies going on today... one just has to do a little poking around. There is no downside... Orgone energy is good for us.

 These photos show what our devices did to ordinary glasses of water in our freezer... We used filtered water from our fridge. We placed a orgonite dome on top of a small glass of water. We had a quiet meditation and asked for a positive result. This first image is what formed within one hour...notice the sphere in the center of the glass. The glass in the middle is that same glass frozen solid.  

Finally the image on the right is the result of our last experiment in the freezer. Again, filtered water. That IS a spike of water on top that was actually frozen while reaching up towards an exposed crystal in the sculpture. Also take notice of the energy flow in the center of the glass.

We were blown away...combo-photo.png


some links:

 These sites explain it well and are good reads...

Must read: http://breakthematrix.org/radiation/orgon


interesting vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0gBoV0ygJc


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