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What is Orgonite?


What is Orgonite?

Orgonite is science...Ogronite is a portable, crystal driven, pranic energy device, that never stops working and works wherever it is. What do we mean? Embedded in each and every sculpture we make is a quartz crystal. The same "quartz" used in watches and computers. Why? Because when quartz is squeezed, in scientific terms under load or pressure, it creates a peizo electric pulse. This "pulsing" crystal is wrapped in a copper coil and surrounded by chards of earths metals. Our formula incorporates three conductives including, gold, steel and the copper coil. and one reflective metal, aluminum. This combination yields a highly effective version of this type of generator. See the photos below of our initial experiments with water. The sculptures move matter. Our formula is unique to us. There are other scientist working this out all over the globe. The invention of Orgonite is based on Wilhem Reich’s Orgone research. He made what was called orgone accumulators. You would actually sit in them. He also built larger devices to manipulate weather.  However, Orgone energy has been around much longer, known worldwide as chi, prana, life force energy, mana, vril, etc. 


 There are so many studies going on today... one just has to do a little poking around. There is no downside... Orgone energy is good for us.

 These photos show what our devices did to ordinary glasses of water in our freezer... We used filtered water from our fridge. We placed a orgonite dome on top of a small glass of water. We had a quiet meditation and asked for a positive result. This first image is what formed within one hour...notice the sphere in the center of the glass. The glass in the middle is that same glass frozen solid.  

Finally the image on the right is the result of our last experiment in the freezer. Again, filtered water. That IS a spike of water on top that was actually frozen while reaching up towards an exposed crystal in the sculpture. Also take notice of the energy flow in the center of the glass.

We were blown away...







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